The Legend Of The Five (2020) Movie

The Legend Of The Five (2020) Movie

The Legend Of The Five, is a 2020 Australia Fantasy film directed by Joanne Samuel, and written by Peter McLeod. This film features the following stars: Lauren Esposito, Gabi Sproule, Leigh Joel Scott.

The Legend Of The Five (2020) Movie Review

When a group of misfit teenagers encounter an ancient relic during a school trip, they find themselves caught up in a magical world.

With elemental powers beyond their belief, and the responsibility of stopping an age old evil from destroying the world.

The Legend Of The Five CastLauren EspositoGabi SprouleLeigh Joel ScottNicholas AndrianakosDeborah AnBeth ChampionTiriel MoraAlex WoodwardGeorgia AdamsonEric James GravolinLauren Esposito

Esposito was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She kept a collection of insects in egg cartons, and her first grade science project looked at the Mendelian genetics of pigeon colors.

Esposito earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Texas at El Paso in 2003.

The Legend Of The Five 2020 Review

Coming to Busselton, West Australia for the Cinefest Oz weekend has been exciting except for one 93 minute time heist; The Legend of the Five viewing.

Excruciatingly confusing, boring, ill conceived, badly acted, unoriginal ….. a film lacking any redeeming features. The age group this film is aiming to attract, adolescents, we’re walking out.

I leave this review with a couple of questions ……. why is a reputable film festival including such tosh in their program? And finally, how on earth did this tosh get made?

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